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Adventure with Far Mountain Pack Trips, Anahim Lake, British Columbia

For those guests who are interested in true Wilderness Adventure, we also operate "Far Mountain Pack Trips" where we offer three or four day overnight rides into the mountains that surround Anahim Lake.
On these rides, our wrangler will guide you to comfortable camps. As much of our riding takes place in Protected Areas and Parks, we are sensitive to those values.

Horseback rider with storm clouds.

Line of riders crossing a stream.

Our facilities, therefore, are tent camps, which must be taken down at the end of summer and put back up each spring. At these sites, we maintain a crew wall tent, a cooking shelter and individual tents for our guests.

Our locations are chosen based on clean water, ample wood supply and grazing for the horses.

After a hearty cowboy breakfast each morning, we mount up for a day of riding to discover surrounding mountains.
Our packed lunches are enjoyed while taking a break beside a mountain creek.

The horses are very reliable and suited for the trails and terrain where they will be taking our guests and we do our best to match the rider's ability to the horse they are given.

Herd of caribou on a snow covered slope.

Two men on horses in the mountains.

Back at camp, we have a chance to clean up, get to know your horse and prepare for a hearty dinner on a grill over a campfire.

On these trips, everything is supplied except for your sleeping bag and personal belongings.
An extra sweater is recommended for those cooler mountain evenings and runners are comfortable around camp after riding all day.

Make sure a pair of binoculars and a camera are part of your gear which should be in a bag or soft pack not to exceed 40lbs. Rain gear and riding boots are recommended.

All of our trips operate in the wilderness so wildlife you may encounter includes caribou, moose and deer.

A horsewoman leading a pack horse.

Three men on horses above a talus slope.

Expect to see wide open vistas with mountains rearing up above rolling alpine. You'll find many open spots carpeted with wildflowers and clear, pure water rushing in little streams.

We also offer horsetrekking trips for those that wish to hike, but have horses pack up their gear. Please enquire about details.

Our season runs from the middle of June until the end of September and starts every second week, leaving on Saturday.

Pots and pans on a grill over fire.

Two men enjoying the scenery on a Packtrip.

Basic Packtrip Rate

4 night package all inclusive:
(first night in lodge with dinner included)
$700.00 per person, minimum 2 persons.

Please ask for rates if only a one or two day overnight trip is something you are
interested in.

Enquire about rates on flights from Vancouver if required.

Escott Bay Resort, Anahim Lake, British Columbia

Pack horses, campfire, lunch in the alpine.

For reservations and information contact:
Escott Bay Resort
P.O. Box 3375, Anahim Lake, BC
Canada, V0L 1C0

Phone: (250) 742-3233
Fax: (250) 742-3233
Toll Free: 1-888-380-8802

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